My name is Sharon Sowter; my ancestral mob is Yorta Yorta and I’ve lived and worked on Wurundjeri land all my life. I am Chairperson of Kirrip Aboriginal Corporation and have taught in Melton for over 18 years in a local Primary School.

I am the proud Great Great Granddaughter of William Cooper; his own granddaughter, my grandmother, was taken from her Aboriginal family as a young child and denied her culture. It was important to her that I learn about and experience what she was unable to – I have therefore made it my mission to do so and my work at Kirrip goes a long way towards being able to connect with mob.

I have delighted in watching Kirrip grow over the past year, with new groups and activities available for members to be a part of. I am honoured to be involved at board level, in order to help create and enhance the programs and services that we can potentially offer our families. Stay tuned, there are exciting times ahead!

I am a proud member of Kirrip, and look forward to working with you mob in my capacity as Chairperson. Please contact me with your questions or contributions; a board is only as strong as the members endorse us to be.

Deputy Chairperson

Dawn Davies is a proud Aboriginal women from the Warramungu land, Tenant Creek, Northern Territory, currently living on the lands of the Kulin Nation in Melton, Victoria.

Dawn is a family orientated mother of 6 grown children who also live in Melton, Grandmother of 11 grandchildren, Dawn spends her time volunteering at Kirrip, supporting community and is an active board member and past board treasurer.

Board Secretary

My name is Marayne Muller and I am a proud 25 year old Wiradjuri and Tyerrernotepanner woman. I am proud to say I have lived on the lands of the Wurundjeri people my whole life. I am an active member of the Aboriginal community and am enthusiastic and dedicated to supporting both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people. Being a part of community and culture isn’t only a passion of mine but a value that motivates my life and work.

For me, I believe I am truly fortunate to sit on the board, at a time where our opportunities are endless and if we work together with respect and with the common goal of creating the best for community, we will be leaving footprints that will remain strong in the future.

Board Treasurer

Hi my name is Skye Gooch, I have lived in Melton for the past 11 years. My Grandmother is from Cunnamulla, due to the dispossession and destruction of Aboriginal peoples and their culture I like so many did not grow up with culture. I have begun to connect with culture and start my journey with it. Currently studying my Bachelor of Social Work. I sit on Melton City Councils Reconciliation Advisory Committee as a community member. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to complete my placement at Kirrip in 2018. Since becoming a member of Kirrip it has given me opportunities to immerse myself in culture, endless learning opportunities, and give me a whole community of mob I didn’t know was possible.

By being a member of Kirrip and nominating for the board I hope to continue to create an environment where Aboriginal peoples of Melton and surrounds have a safe space to explore and learn about culture. I also hope to be able to use the skills and knowledge I have gained from my study to help advance and forester the growth of Kirrip and work in collaboration with Kirrip members and community to create opportunities for mob to achieve black excellence.

Executive Officer

Peter Webster is a proud Kamilaroi man from central N.S.W, currently living on the lands of the Kulin Nations in City of Melton. Peter is committed to our community and works hard to support the community as the Executive Officer of Kirrip.

Peter Has been a member of Kirrip for 5 Years and Executive Officer for the past 3years. Peter is always available to community and looks forward to having a yarn with anyone who drops by Kirrip.

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